Official Rules of the game

  1. Apple is NOT involved any contest or sweepstake that involves the winning of digital or physical prizes in this game.
  2. Passport Power is a fun entertaining travel themed game, where you attempt to navigate through a virtual map of Europe via 17 major capital cities.
  3. Starting in Dublin, to get to the next city, you must accummilate enough miles, by successfully completing the mini games, appropriately themed to each City.
  4. As you progress from one City to the next City, additional games will become available and the existing games will increase in their level of difficulty.
  5. The game comprise classic arcade, trivia, general knowledge and strategy games to test your ability to solve problems and are themed in content to the particular city that you are playing in.
  6. The overall objective of Passport Power is to:
    Unlock all of the cities on the map
    Gain all of the achievements available
    Generate as many miles as possible and top our forthcoming leaderboard.
  7. Along your journey, as you hit a certain milestones Passport Power will grant you a ticket, for the chance to win a guaranteed prize.
  8. Prizes can be anything from digital currency that can be purchased from the store, all the way to a real-life prize donated by any company or brand.
  9. Digital currency, that you can win, is also known as ‘Trip Tokens’. These give you extra lives. so that if you lose on a game you can start where you left off.
  10. You can also purchase ‘Trip Tokens’ from our app store like any other game plus boosts, which can double the amount of miles you earn or tickets that you collect when you hit a milestone in the game.
  11. We hope you enjoy playing our fun game and if you have any problems do not hesitate to reach out to us at:
    @passportpower1 on Twitter